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Floor-standing climate cases

Reliable OUTDOOR solutions (for outdoor installation) floor-standing from the ENELT Group company.
Climatic anti-vandal cases manufactured by ENELT Group provide reliable protection against adverse external influences of the equipment placed in them.
These cases are designed to accommodate computer, network, telecommunications and other equipment, power supply systems and batteries and can be used both in closed unheated rooms and in the open air.
Operating temperature range from -50...+50°ะก.

Cases are manufactured in dimensions according to customer requirements. It is possible to perform both with one and with separate compartments with a separate climate control system for 19 '' equipment and batteries.

The climatic system for the cases is also selected based on the customer's requirements. It can include:

  • Free cooling system (ventilation);
  • Air conditioning;
  • Heat exchanger;
  • Thermoelectric system.

Cases can be completed with various equipment at the request of the customer.

To select the optimal solution for you, please fill out the questionnaire and send it to our mail.

Questionnaire for choosing a climate case ENELT.SHTK


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