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Inverpack inverter system


Highly Effective Protection of Critical Loads on Unstable AC Power The Inverpack inverter system can help reduce system acquisition and installation costs through its compact design and cost-effectiveness. The system provides high quality uninterruptible power supply to the AC load.



The Inverpack Inverter Module is the basic building block for building modular Inverpack inverter systems. By using the controller, the STS static switch and the manual bypass AC distribution box, inverter systems can be built in a wide output power range from 2 kVA to 12 kVA, without STS up to 24 kVA.

The inverter module Inverpack 1000 converts DC current from a 48V nominal voltage source into a pure sine wave f = 50Hz and a controller-regulated output voltage of 208/220/230/240V AC.

An electronic static bypass switch allows instantaneous switching of power up to 12 kVA between the inverter output and the mains without interrupting the power supply to the load. For this, the system uses a separate 1U shelf with an STS module and a controller.

The user-friendly controller interface and intuitive PC software (web interface) make it easy to manage all major system functions.

1U shelves with inverter modules are designed for installation in 19 '' cabinets or cabinets, and allow the user to easily create systems with an output power from 2 kVA to 24 kVA, and in the case of using a static bypass key from 2 kVA to 12 kVA.



Voltage40.5-58V (nominal 48V DC)
Low voltage warning: 45V
Low Voltage Shutdown: 40V
High Voltage Warning: 58V
High voltage shutdown: 60V
Input currentMax working current 23A (DC)
Max starting current 46A (DC)
Input protectionReverse polarity protection


Voltage110V version: 110/115 / 120V alternating current
220V version: 208/220/230 / 240VAC
Programmable from the controller
Frequency50/60 Hz, programmable from the controller
WaveformPure sine wave
Power factor0.8
Harmonic distortionNot more than 3%
Overload capacity125% continuous (when controlling the temperature inside the module) 150% up to 20 seconds, then shutdown
Dimensions (WxDxH)215 х 278 х 44 мм (1U)
Load current sharing unit with manual bypassAt the entrance:
6 terminal blocks and bus (-) Output:
9 double-pole circuit breakers MBC
5-position rotary

STS 112 bypass

VoltageUniversal range of input and output voltage (110V / 220V ac)
Switching time1/4 cycle (less than 5ms)
Working hoursProgrammable operating mode (online/offline)

Inverpack controller

FeaturesSimple user interface 5 programmable alarm output relays (dry contacts) Multilingual (Russian language is not provided yet) Real time clock LED and sound signaling of alarms
Remote access interfaceUSB, RS232, RS485,
optional module RS232/TCP IP

System information

Working temperaturefrom -20 to + 70 °C
Storage temperaturefrom -40 to + 85 °C
Humidity:Operation: 5% to 95% non-condensing
Storage: 0% to 99% non-condensing
Acoustic noiseNot more than 55dB (one module)

Standard compliance

Electrical protectionIEC 60950-1
UL 60950
CSA 22.2
Electrical magnetic compatibilityEN 61000-6-1 (immunity, industry)
EN 61000-6-2 (immunity, industry)
EN 61000-6-3 (emission, light industry)
EN 61000-6-4 (emission, industry)
EcologyETSI EN 300 019-2
ETSI EN 300 132-2
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